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by Maria Beatriz Lobo - janeiro 15th, 2012.
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 As I promised, I’m starting to post several texts of this blog in English to help the thousands of readers of this site who are other countries natives and do not speak Portuguese.
Even writing in Portuguese and not paying to be on the Google list, or other social networking, in only six months nearly 10,000 comments from more than 3,000 people from 50 different countries make this initiative of this Blog a success already.
Therefore, to maintain the correct understanding of my writings, in spite the big help the virtual translators give us, they have some special difficulties as you all know.
So, I decided to put my posts also in English, that is a universal language, so that I could get closer to much more people and achieve the goals of this blog, which are described in my first post: Why this blog?�
You can read these texts klicking “Posts in English” in the “menu” of homepage on this Blog!
As I told you before, my English in general, is poor, and I need the cooperation of other people: my husband lived in USA for many years to study and become a PHD in Sciences in the Purdue University, where he was awarded the title of “Honoris Doctor Causas” too; my mother (she was a good English teacher for long time) and, specially my sister-in-law Mrs. Flávia Lobo Samuda.
She is a professional translator and English teacher having lived in several countries around the world and helps me always.
How you can see, I have had a great collaboration and I want to thank them so much.
The texts, for technical reasons, are in chronological sequence, because we couldn’t link each Portuguese text to the correspondent English one. So, I had to number every post so that everyone could know which had been translated.
I chose, in the first moment, the more generic texts which would interest a greater number of people. I intend to continue posting all my texts in Portuguese and translate everyone into English and I hope to improve my English to be able to write my articles and answer the commentaries in English simultaneously (this will take several decades…lol!)
So, please, enjoy them and be patient!
In a near future, in this space, I will open a forum so we can discuss together those posted subjects. This will take a little more time, but I sure.
I’ll get there! Hugs to all and happy 2012 and thank you a lot for your participation and support!

Maria Beatriz Lobo

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  1. Hello. My name is David Tepper, and I am looking for an old friend of mine, Flavia, who was a teacher in Lesotho in the early 90′s and married to Michael Samuda. Is this perhaps the sister-in-law you mention? I was 22 at the time, and Mike and Flavia were very kind to me and I loved them very much. I would very much like to be in touch with her.

    Best regards,

    David Tepper
    Brooklyn, NY

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